Voila is a photo animation maker app that takes a photo of your face and, using some AI technology, turns your photo into something that kinda looks like a cartoon character. The app has four primary modes: 3D cartoon , Renaissance painting, 2D cartoons , and caricatures.

Unlike similar apps like FaceApp, there aren’t many advanced editing features or tools. Once the filter is applied, you can choose from three different variations—for example, under Renaissance, you can choose between 15th-, 18th-, or 20th-century options—but you can’t tweak features like the mouth or hair, or play around with basic image editing tools like color or contrast.

You can choose photos that you’ve already taken to upload, or you can use your phone’s camera to take a new one. The app even features a celebrity image search, so if you ever wanted to see what Tommy Wiseau would look like as a Disney princess, now’s your chance.

Here’s what can do with Voila:

  • Avatarify Your Selfie
  • Create a Celebrity Look Alike Video
  • Animate and Deep Fake Your Photo
  • Make an Animated Cartoon Character
  • Face-morph a Picture
  • Do Funny Faces With Your Pet

Download Voila for Android

Download Voila for iOS