ITV competitions feature some of the biggest prizes in the UK – £100,000 cash, cars and lots of holidays. The prize draws are widely advertised on TV on shows like This Morning and Tipping Point, and online, text and phone entries cost a pricey £2 each. 

All entries – phone, post or website – have the same chance of winning ITV comps as each one is assigned a unique ID number. The winning ID number is chosen at random from all entries using a winner selector tool, under independent supervision. Most of these comps will receive in excess of 100,000 entries!

How to Enter ITV Win Competitions Online:

Visit the competition page in your web browser.

Then follow the instructions to fill out the entry form.Typically, you'll need to provide your contact details, answer a question, or complete a simple task. Make sure to double-check your entries for accuracy before submitting them.

Note that a postal entry is still classed as a free entry, even though fast-rising stamp prices mean that even a second class postcard will cost you 66p to send.

Who is eligible to enter?
All residents of the UK, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man aged 18 and above can enter the ITV prize draws.

Are multiple draw entries allowed?
Yes. Although there are limits on paid entry methods, you can enter each ITV prize draw by post as many times as you like.

Each entry must be sent on a separate stamped postcard (or envelope) – if you put multiple postcards or entries into a single envelope (bulk entries), they will not be entered into the draw.

What prizes can I win in ITV competitions?
The majority of the ITV competitions offer huge cash prizes, usually accompanied by a car or a holiday! Here’s my pick of the current prizes and the closing date for postal entries (this is a few days later than online or phone entries) – full details and T&Cs for all these comps can be found on the ITV website.

You can also find details of completely free-to-enter online ITV comps there (no postcard required!), including the Spin-to-Win competition, where the winner receives a phone call live on air and must answer with the phrase of the day to win a prize. And for Wake Up a Winner, you register for free online and Andi Peters could be knocking on your front door with £3000 the following day.