Tesco Clubcard (commonly referred to and branded as Clubcard) is the loyalty card of British supermarket chain Tesco.

Tesco Clubcard is the loyalty card of British supermarket chain Tesco. The Clubcard scheme operates in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and several other countries. As of 2017 it has over 17 million users in the United Kingdom alone.

When shopping at Tesco or using Tesco services (such as services from Tesco Bank), Clubcard holders receive points based on the amount spent. For shopping at Tesco they receive one point for every £1 (one point for every €1 in Ireland) they spend, but for most other services, including fuel, one point is awarded for every £2 (€2 in Ireland) spent.[11][12] Points are accrued and at least four times a year (there are sometimes "surprise mailings") the holder receives a statement and vouchers to the value of points they have saved. (They have to have saved at least 150 points, with a value of £1.50, to receive a voucher.)

Vouchers can be spent in store on shopping or online on grocery home shopping, or used on Clubcard Rewards where they can be worth three times their face value on selected Rewards in the United Kingdom and up to four times their face value in Ireland. These can be used to obtain discounted day trips, magazines, hotel breaks, restaurant tokens and other offers.

As part of the Clubcard 2 launch, it was announced that, from 17 August 2009, all instore and online purchases would attract double points (2 points per £1). Reports indicate that this initiative was successful in increasing the number of active cardholders from 14 million to 15 million in the market year 2009/10.[13] However, this reverted to 1 point for £1 spent at the end of 2011.

Tesco Bank credit cards originally acted also as Clubcards, collecting points from purchases in Tesco stores and online. From May 2010, however, they also collected one additional point for every £4 spent on credit card purchases from any Tesco outlet and one point for every £8 spent outside of Tesco.

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